[artist]: various artists
[record]: Fubar-The Album The Original Soundtrack


[1.] [0:08] Dialogue: "Turn Up the Good, Turn Down the Suck"
[2.] [3:12] SUM 41: Rock You
(Bob Halligan, Jr.)
[3.] [0:23] Dialogue: "Guidance Counsellor"
[4.] [2:55] GOB: Heavy Metal Shuffle (featuring George Criston)
(Kick Axe)
(The Pasha Music Company)
[5.] [3:06] New Pornographers: Your Daddy Don't Know
(Geoffrey Iwamoto/Michael Roth)
[6.] [0:13] Dialogue: "Where's Tron?"
[7.] [3:00] Sweet: Blockbuster
(Nicky Chinn/Mike Chapman)
(BMG Music Publishing)
[8.] [0:08] Dialogue: "It Wasn't So Much The Thing"
[9.] [3:08] Treble Charger: Roller
(Myles Goodwyn)
[10.] [0:28] Dialogue: "Shotgun a Few Beers"
[11.] [3:39] Sloan: In The Mood
(Geddy Lee)
[12.] [0:05] Dialogue: "A Band Called Creeper"
[13.] [5:30] Creeper: Handsome Hose
[14.] [0:08] Dialogue: "You Can't Just Back It Up!"
[15.] [3:23] Girlschool: C'mon Let's Go
(Kim McAuliffe/Kelly Johnson)
(EMI Music Publishing)
[16.] [0:14] Dialogue: "Giver: Plan B"
[17.] [4:01] GrimSkunk: Raise A Little Hell
(Ra McGuire/Brian Smith)
[18.] [4:17] English Teeth: Four Wheel Drive
(Randy Bachman/Blair Thornton)
[19.] [1:25] Creeper: Garden Gate Of Evil
(Paul J. Spence)
[20.] [3:15] Creeper: Garden Of Evil
(Paul J. Spence)
[21.] [0:35] Dialogue: "Fingerbang"
[22.] [2:54] Chixdiggit: The Kid Is Hot Tonight
(Paul Dean/Bernie Aubin)
[23.] [0:23] Dialogue: "I Got Attacked by a Hawk"
[24.] [2:45] Thor: Fubar is a Super Rocker
(Jon Mikl Thor/Johnny Hatch)
(Plumik Productions/TOEN Wave Music Ltd.)
[25.] [4:50] Breach Of Trust: Eyes Of A Stranger
[26.] [5:33] No Means No: Hey Hey My My
(Neil Young/Jeff Blackburn)
[27.] [7:10] Creeper: Rock And Roll Is My Guitar
(Paul J. Spence)


[released]: 2003, November 25
[total time]: 67:11
[executive producer]: Scot McFadyen
[music supervisor]: Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen
[producers]: Paul J. Spence, Dave Lawrence, Michael Dowse & Aquarius Records
[remark]: Fubar: The Album is the companion record/soundtrack to the 2002 Canadian film Fubar: The Movie directed by Michael Dowse, starring Paul Spence, David Lawrence and Gordon Skilling. Based on the lives of two lifelong friends and head-bangers.

For the album, several contemporary Canadian rock bands were asked to record cover versions of Canadian heavy metal and hard rock hits from that era to complement the film. Heavily featured was the fictional band Creeper.

The album also includes two non-Canadian songs (Sweet's "Blockbuster" and Girlschool's "C'Mon Let's Go") presented in their original versions and short dialogue skits.


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
2002 Canada Aquarius 700605-2 0-60270-06052-4 1st press