[artist]: Pokerface
[record]: Life's a Gamble


[1.] [4:00] Ordinary Day
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
[2.] [4:08] Missing In Moscow
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch/Dave Hopia/T. Reid)
[3.] [4:42] For You
(Paul Dean/Mike Reno/Kenny Loney)
[4.] [4:50] Scars
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
[5.] [4:31] Hearts Gone Crazy
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
[6.] [4:36] Read Between The Lines
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
[7.] [4:44] Run
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
[8.] [4:23] Road To Paradise
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch/Dave Hopia)
[9.] [4:00] Make Me A Believer
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch/Dave Hopia)
[10.] [4:35] Looks Like It's Over
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
[11.] [] Scars (Unplugged Version)
(Kenny Loney/Darcy Deutsch)
(Japanese release only bonus track)


[released]: 1996
[total time]: 44:33
[producer]: Kenny "Kaos" Loney
[associate producer]: Darcy Deutsch
[engineer]: Kenny "Kaos" Loney
[mixed by]: Paul "The Machine" Dean
[mastered by]: Raymond Arthur Harvey
[recorded at]: Grand Canyon Studios, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
[mixed at]: Machine Works Studio, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
[CDD post master by]: George Leger
[CDD post mastering at]: Utopia Parkway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
[cover artwork]: Visual Eyes, Stockport, UK
[line-up]: Darcy Deutsch - vocals
Dave Hopia - bassguitar
Kenny "Kaos" Loney - guitars
Brendan Ostrander - drums, percussion
[guest appearance]: Andy Lorimer - keyboards
Lance Chalmers - drums on track 2
Don Wolf - keyboards on track 2
Jeff Waters - guitar solo on track 5
Darcy Just - tambourine


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1996 UK Escape Music ESM008 5-031281-000088 1st press
Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1997 Japan Fandango / Tokum TKCF-45014 4-988008-367539 1st press