[artist]: various artists
[record]: Popdreams & Rocktracks - Tales of Power


[1.] [3:32] Jim Capaldi: Tales Of Power
(J. Capaldi/C. Santana/Walker/Thompson/Vilato)
[2.] [4:10] Stubblefield & Hall: Best Of The Best
(Ike Stubblefield)
[3.] [4:18] Kirsten Nash: American Hotel
(Kirsten Nash/Ray Harvey)
[4.] [4:34] Jim Capaldi: Something So Strong
(J. Capaldi/Waters/Vale)
[5.] [3:19] Golden Earring: The Devil Made Me Do It
(Barry Hay/George Kooymans)
[6.] [4:00] Golden Earring: Radar Love (Live)
(Barry Hay/George Kooymans)
[7.] [4:03] Charlie Major: Backroads
(Charlie Major)
[8.] [4:10] Paul Gilman: Original Score Medley
(Paul Gilman)
[9.] [3:38] Charlie Major: Someday I'm Gonna Ride In A Cadillac
(Charlie Major)
[10.] [3:25] Orkestra: This Is The Night
(K. Groucutt/M. Kaminski/T. Pardoe)
[11.] [3:34] Orkestra: Crazy Crazy (Who's That Calling)
(K. Groucutt/M. Kaminski/T. Pardoe)
[12.] [3:01] Shocking Blue: Venus
(R. van Leeuwen)
[13.] [3:20] Jack Green: Right Now
(I. Orkon/J. Green)
[14.] [4:42] Jim Capaldi: Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
(J. Capaldi/S. Winwood)
[15.] [3:22] The Force: Tomorrow May Never Come
(B. Hilton/D. Cameron/J. Cameron/R. McQuillan)
[16.] [3:08] Jack Green: I Don't Wanna Bring You Down
(J. Capaldi/P. Bonas)
[17.] [7:50] Jim Capaldi: Sweet Smell Of Succes
(J. Capaldi/P. Bonas)
[18.] [3:29] Peru: Iceland
(P. Kommers/R. Papen/R. van Es)


[released]: 1992
[total time]: 71:35
[remark]: compiled from the music of the original soundtracks from:
Best Of The Best; Midnight; Summer Job


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1992 Netherlands Zillion Records 2611332 0-27726-11332-6 1st press