[artist]: various artists
[record]: The Best Of Heavy Metal Part 2


[1.] [3:15] Accept: Another Second To Be
(Accept & Deaffy)
(Breeze Music GmbH/Musikverlag Oktave Germany)
[2.] [8:38] Metallica: Master Of Puppets
(Creeping Death Music)
[3.] [4:19] Judas Priest: Locked In
(Glenn Tipton/Rob Halford/K.K.Downing)
(CBS Songs Ltd.)
[4.] [5:30] Y & T: In The Name Of Rock
(Y & T)
(Facemelting Music)
[5.] [5:00] Lita Ford: Dancing On The Edge
(Lita Ford)
(Model T Music and Artphyl Music)
[6.] [3:17] Fastway: Back Door Man
(Alpha Sound, Inc.)
[7.] [3:31] London: Masters Of The Airwaves
(Lizzie Grey/Nadir D'Priest)
(Varney Metal Music Co.)
[8.] [3:32] Queen: Princess Of The Universe
(Freddie Mercury)
(Raincloud Productions Ltd./Queen Productions Ltd.)
[9.] [3:45] Van Halen: Why Can't This Be Love
(Edward Van Halen/Sammy Hagar/Michael Anthony/Alex Van Halen)
[10.] [4:50] Metallica: Jump In The Fire
(Take Out Music)
[11.] [3:25] Strangers: Wheels
[12.] [3:20] Paganini: Not Just Another Affair
(Vic Vergeat)
[13.] [3:54] Ted Nugent: Angry Young Man
(Ted Nugent)
(Broadhead Music)
[14.] [3:09] Surgin: When Midnight Comes
(Jack Ponti)
(Moonwalk Music)
[15.] [4:17] Kick Axe: Hellraisers
(Kick Axe)
(The Pasha Music Company)


[released]: 1986
[total time]: 58:13


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1986 Indonesia Aquarius Musikindo 115897-129780 1st press