[artist]: various artists
[record]: Quand la musique est bonne


[1.] [4:20] Deniece Williams: Let's Heart It For THe Boy
(Tom Snow)
(CBS Inc.)
[2.] [3:52] Cyndi Lauper: Time After Time
(Cyndi Lauper/R.Hyman)
(CBS inc.)
[3.] [3:30] Eddy Grant: Romancing The Stone
(Eddy Grant)
(Greenheart Music Ltd./Intersong Music Ltd.)
[4.] [4:06] Bruce Cockburn: Lovers In A Dangerous Time
(Bruce Cockburn)
(High Romance Music Ltd.)
[5.] [3:42] Chilliwack: Got You On My Mind
(Bill Henderson/A.Mulford)
(ATV Music Publishing of Canada)
[6.] [3:56] Steve Perry: She's Mine
(Steve Perry/R.Goodrum)
(CBS Inc.)
[7.] [3:35] Francis Cabrel: Quelqu'un De L'Intérieur
(Francis Cabrel)
[8.] [5:01] Roger Waters: The Pros And Cons Of Hitchiking
(Roger Waters)
(Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.)
[9.] [3:56] Platinum Blonde: Take It From Me
(Mark Holmes/Sergio Galli)
[10.] [4:02] Walter Rossi: Liar
(Walter Rossi)
[11.] [3:59] Bruce Springsteen: Dancing In The Dark
(Bruce Springsteen)
(Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.)
[12.] [3:35] Elvis Costello: The Only Flame In Town
(Elvis Costello)
(Plangent Visions Music Ltd.)
[13.] [3:39] Mike Reno, Ann Wilson: Almost Paradise
(Eric Carmen/Dean Pitchford)
(Famous Chappell)
[14.] [3:45] Pukka Orchestra: Listen To The Radio
(Tom Robinson/Peter Gabriel)
(EMI Music)
[15.] [2:45] Plume Latraverse: Parade De Modes
[16.] [2:49] Gerry Boulet: Slack La Poulie
(Gerry Boulet)
[17.] [5:43] Stevie Ray Vaughan: Cold Shot
[18.] [5:04] David Gilmour: You Know I'm Right
(David Gilmour)
(David Gilmour Music Ltd.)
[19.] [3:14] Kick Axe: Heavy Metal Shuffle
(Kick Axe)
(The Pasha Music Company)
[20.] [5:42] Accept: Balls To The Wall
(Breeze Music Gmbh)


[released]: 1984
[total time]: 80:15


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1984 Canada CBS Canada CDNT-152 promo, chromium dioxide