[artist]: Kick Axe
[record]: Weekend Ride (7")


[1.] [4:10] Weekend Ride
(Larry Gillstrom/Victor Langen/Garry Langen/Ray Harvey)
(Kick Axe Music/Swyne Song Records)
[2.] [3:45] One More Time
(Ray Harvey)
(Kick Axe Music/Swyne Song Records)


[released]: 1981, March
[total time]: 7:55
[producer]: Bill Henderson, Brian McLeod
[recorded at]: Water Street Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
[direction]: S.L. Feldman & Associates, Rob Hoskin
[cover art]: James O'Mara
[line-up]: Charles McNary - vocals
Larry Gillstrom - guitars, vocals
Ray Harvey - guitars, vocals
Victor Langen - bassguitar, vocals
Bryan Gillstrom - drums, vocals
[remark]: There were only 500 copies pressed and 100 of those were used as promotional items for radio stations throughout Canada. The rest of the singles were sold at that time for $2.00 each along with T-Shirts at $15.00 at clubs that Kick Axe played in Western Canada.


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1981 March Canada Swyne-Song SSG-2001-A 1st press