Pronounced "Kay-Lee-Reesh" and named after the singer's wife, also known as K. Lee Reesh and Reesh, active 1985 through 1989. Originally a Top 40 quartet in a Bryan Adams/Bon Jovi vein, but member changes throughout the years improved the line up, ending up as a five piece band doing a Pink Floyd and other non-pop material. Despite some success as a progressive quartet, the players were unwilling to break out of the band's "safe" niche. Reformed after a short break as a 4-piece without second keyboard. Musicians: Barry Reich-lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1,2,3); John Stoltz-drums (2); Steve Crane-lead guitar, vocals (2,3); Bil Underwood-bass guitar, lead vocals (1985-1988); Kevin Martin-keyboards (1); Doug Davis-keyboards (1); Matteo Caratozzolo-keyboards (2); Todd McGarvey-drums (3).