After the breakup up of the band White Wolf and a move from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, vocalist Don Wolf started another project consisting of former members of Vancouver's Simon Kaos, Craig Brooks and Kenny Kaos (aka Kenny Holliday), Victor Langen of Kick Axe, and Jim Webster of Chrissy Steele support band. The band was ultimately named Giant and began their assault on the Canadian music scene shortly after the line up had been solidified, working the club circuit and the college scene across the country. Writing and demoing while touring the band finally had enough material to head into the studio to record their first album.

Nevertheless, Giant went through various member changes with Kenny Kaos exiting first and being replaced with guitarist Steve Crane, Victor Langen leaving just before the recording of the first album and being replaced by bassist, Pete Oulster, and the final lineup change was Jim Webster leaving after the recording of the band's first album, replaced by Lindsey McEwan. Up until the recording of the album the band was then known as Sahara.

The band headed into Venture Sound Studios in Vancouver with Raymond Arthur Harvey (Kick Axe) producing. The new and final name for the band was Point Of Power with a line-up:

Don Wolf - vocals, background vocals, keyboards
Steve Crane - guitars, background vocals
Jim Webster - keyboards (recording)
Lindsey McEwan - keyboards (live)
Pete Oulster - bass
Craig Brooks - drums

Kenny Holliday, Craig Brooks, Don Wolf, Jim Webster & Victor Langen

Kenny Holliday, Craig Brooks, Don Wolf, Jim Webster & Victor Langen

Craig Brooks, Victor Langen, Kenny Holliday, Don Wolf & Jim Webster

Don Wolf, Steve Crane, Lindsey McEwan, Pete Oulster, Craig Brooks