[published]: 1989, April 19
[in]: The Province (Vancouver), p. 49
[article]: Metal Futures Sound Good
[by]: Tom Harison

Kickaxe was a popular metal group for whom things began going awry from the time it recorded the first of its three LPs for CBS. Last year, when the group's manager went up on charges of embezzlement and left Kickaxe prey to his creditors, [Larry Gillstrom] formed Timeless Productions. He got his foot in the door of Club Soda where Timeless has presented shows each Monday for the past 40 weeks. Between Gillstrom's Metal Mondays and Denise Jackson's Sunday Street Sounds, Club Soda now is back from the nightclub wasteland. Gillstrom can articulate the aspirations and aesthetics of metal better than most of his acts. How many musicians do you know who can discuss the existentialism of performance?