[published]: 1985, December 10
[in]: Whig Standard
[article]: Two Bands Put on Their Rock Helmets and Party

Rock helmets will be much in evidence on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre. No, heavy rockers Helix and Kick Axe won't be playing some new kind of physical sport which requires headgear. Rock helmets are what bands call the long flowing and often semi-permed locks favored by metal and heavy rock bands these days. Any resemblance to the unruly hippie locks of the Sixties is purely coincidental.

The real turning point for Helix was the Rock You video done by Queen's grad Rob Quartly in which the band was portrayed as a muddy chain gang presided over by a whip-wielding woman. "We got to swine out in a quarry in downtown Toronto," chuckles [Daryl Gray]. The video broke Helix into the Canadian market, and appeared on MuchMusic throughout the first year of its operation.

Mentioning Kick Axe brings a smile to Gray's voice and perhaps a little groan: Kick Axe are famous for partying. That's why their latest video and single With A Little Help From My Friends is no surprise. "It's a big party on tape," says Kick Axe drummer Brian Gillstrom. "And you can tell that on the tape because there are people you can see with their chins drooping two feet.