In 1997 Song Haus Music Group was founded by musician Dane Spencer to discover and develop new artists that would or have gone unnoticed by the major label system. As an artist owned label the emphasis is on the artist and not the label. Although not specific to one music genre all Song Haus Music artists have one thing in common, great songwriters. The philosophy of the label is to build careers over a period of time, with several albums, and let the artist develop at their own pace. Song Haus Music is more interested in music that will stand the test of time not in the current flavor of the month.

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Rewind is reissuing Classic Rock albums of the 1960's, 70's and 80's as well as previously unreleased works. Over the years these albums have achieved Classic status from Critics and music fans, yet have remained unavailable in the CD format until now. Rewind releases are Digitally remastered, feature extensive liner notes, photos and memorabilia.

Based in Ventura California, Blue Hand Records was founded by Rod Ensminger. First signing is "The Army of Freshmen".

Led by artist/producer Colie Brice, Aeria is home to the progressive, melodic debut of New Machine featuring Bob Gilmartin & Dave Garcia (formerly of Phantom's Opera and Mystery Bloom).


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