[artist]: Kirsten Nash
[record]: Bridging The Gap


[1.] [5:07] It's Crazy Out There
(Kirsten Nash)
[2.] [5:15] Touch Of The Human Kind
(Kirsten Nash)
[3.] [4:32] Only The Angels
(Kirsten Nash)
[4.] [5:29] There'd Be No World Without You
(Kirsten Nash)
[5.] [5:13] Please, Please Me
(Kirsten Nash)
[6.] [4:23] Down In The Ghetto
(Kirsten Nash)
[7.] [4:49] Still Calling Mama
(Kirsten Nash)
[8.] [5:29] You'd Have To Be Blind
(Kirsten Nash)
[9.] [5:31] Dance 'Till Your Daddy Comes (Home)
(Kirsten Nash)
[10.] [5:29] Better Days
(Kirsten Nash)
[11.] [4:46] Ode To Popeye
(Kirsten Nash)


[released]: 1994
[total time]: 56:03
[producer]: Kirsten Nash
[engineer]: Ray Harvey, Kirsten Nash
[mastered by]: Craig Waddell
[mixed by]: Marc Ramaer, Bill Buckingham
[mixing assistant]: Jason Mauza
[art directions & paintings]: Kirsten Nash
[line-up]: Kirsten Nash - vocals, backing vocals, flute, saxophone
Paul Baron - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bill Buckingham - trombone
Bob Buckley - strings
Joanie Bye - backing vocals
Michael Creber - piano
Dave Deviller - banjo
Norm Fisher - bassguitar
Richard Sera - vocals, organ
John Webster - organ
Raymond Arthur Harvey - guitars


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1994 Canada Mohog Music 9712 1st press