[artist]: various artists
[record]: Playboy: Street Rock


[1.] [3:11] Tiger Tiger: Summertime
(Andy Hill)
(Angel Horse Music/Procan)
[2.] [3:31] Jackals: I've Come Back
(D. Finnerty/B. Loosigian)
(Nightflite Music)
[3.] [3:22] Champion V: Radio
(Nightflite Music)
[4.] [4:01] Wally Poz: Automatic Life
(Walter Poznanski)
(Nightflite Music)
[5.] [3:02] Remedials: Sweet Leather
(J. Dow/G. Banks)
(Nightflite Music)
[6.] [4:36] Kick Axe: Reality Is The Nightmare
(Larry Gillstrom/Charles McNary)
(Nightflite Music)(Produced by Rock Shannon)
[7.] [3:30] Champion V: Steppin' Out
(Nightflite Music)
[8.] [3:00] Schoolboys: Mr. Mouth
(B. Bricklin/S. Bricklin)
(Golden Guru)
[9.] [4:25] Ms. Treat: I'm Gonna Go Away
(Don Farmer, Jr.)
(Nightflite Music)
[10.] [2:09] Revelons: Outlaw Without A Gun
(Gregory Lee Pickard)
(Nightflite Music)
[11.] [3:20] Snake Rock: Your Hot Love
(Snake Rock)
(Nightflite Music)


[released]: 1981, April
[total time]: 38:07
[executive producer]: Joey Cee
[recording & mixing engineer]: Jeff Kreegar
[project coordinator]: Rick Novak
[project liaison]: Janis Peterson
[associate director]: Paul C. Quintile
[additional recording and mixing]: Shade Tree Studios, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
[mastering]: Lacquer Channel, Toronto
[front cover photo]: Jim Matusik
[back cover photo]: Robert Keeling
[art direction/front cover]: John Zimmerman
[art direction/back cover]: Paul Marvine
[remark]: In 1981, Nighflite was chosen by Playboy Magazine Enterprises to produce and distribute their first and only internationally released album, titled "Playboy Street Rock" having triumphed over a dozen other US labels.

The Playboy Street Rock is a compilation featuring the winners of the Playboy Music Poll Talent Search 1981, the entries were submitted from various radio stations across the USA and Canada. Original issue has two-sided paper inner sleeve with band info, and a two-sided insert. Reissued in 1982 with identical outer sleeve, cardboard inner sleeve instead of paper, and a letter advertising the April '82 issue of Playboy.

Tiger Tiger (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA), Jackals, Wally Poz (Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA), Champion Five (Chicago, Illinois, USA), Remedials (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Schoolboys (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), Ms. Treat (Orlando, Florida, USA), Snake Rock (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), Revelons (New York City, New York, USA), Kick Axe (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).

Kick Axe song "Reality Is The Nightmare" was recorded in following line-up: Larry Gillstrom - guitars, Raymond Arthur Harvey - guitars, Victor Langen - bassguitar, Brian Gillstrom - drums and Charles McNary - vocals through Kelly DeYoung Sound, Live at Savoy 1981, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and produced by Rock Shannon, photo taken by Victor Dezso.


Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1981 Canada Nightflite / Nardem NFLP-2001 / NAR-106
Year Country Label Cat # UPC/EAN Info
1982 April Canada Nightflite / Nardem NFLP-2001 / NAR-106 reissue